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Alpine Air Heating & Cooling provides HVAC services to residents of Georgetown, Brampton, Milton, Oakville and Burlington. Our blog provides excellent information and tips on ensuring the heating, air conditioning and ventilation in your home runs perfectly.

Signs It's Time to Replace the Furnace

When winter comes the heating system becomes the most important equipment at home. This is crucial to make sure that everything works properly before the emergency occurs or the furnace becomes unsafe to operate.  There are several signs indicating that furnace should be replaced before it creates an emergency situation.

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Central Air Conditioner vs. Window Air Conditioner

Air conditioners work based on the phase conversion principle, when a substance changes its state from liquid to gas and/or vice versa. An AC’s main components are: a coil evaporator, a fluid compressor, and a condenser. These components are connected with refrigerator tubes with a refrigerant circulating them.

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Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Summer

Temperature at your home is a crucial part of what we refer to as home comfort. This is because any home’s sacred duty is to keep winter cold, snow, summer heat, rain, and wind outside and to provide healthy and comfortable temperature and humidity levels.

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Should I Go Tankless?

How tankless water heaters work

In conventional water heating systems, water is heated and then stored in a tank. This may continue for a long time, and the water may remain unused. Thus, a lot of energy is wasted when you do not use hot water (standby heat loss).

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Electric Fireplace Pros and Cons

Fireplace creates unique ambience in the house as the interior acquires rustic luxury feel. With advent of electric fireplace that does not even need a chimney, fireplaces became more affordable. Now even people who live in small houses, condos and apartments can experience the warmth of a fireplace. 

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Get Your HVAC System Ready For The Winter

Your HVAC system should work effectively in winter and be prepared for temperature fluctuations that occur with arrival of winter months. Switching different operations can be stressful for the system and entail expensive repairs. However, you can prevent the problem by appropriate preventive maintenance. It reduces risks of major repairs requiring costly expenses. Also, it contributes to energy efficiency that helps you economize as well as right energy maintenance keeps energy bills at bay. 

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How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Most of us spend much more time indoors than outside. This is why it’s so important to take care of the indoor air and keep it clean and easy for breathing. The better the air the healthier you are.

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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced

Everything has a lifespan, even if it is a brand name air conditioner that has been serving you faithfully for years. The day will come when you have to make a choice whether to repair your air conditioner again or replace it. Sometimes it might be a very difficult decision especially if the air conditioner is relatively new or if cost is a factor. There is however a number of signs that will help you out and determine the moment to get a new one. 

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Air Conditioning Tips to Get Ready For Summer

Those hot summer days are on their way. You are sure to have a lot of things on your getting-ready-for-hot-weather checklist. This is not about buying the best new swimsuit or renting a beach house. The question is whether or not your air conditioning system is properly set up for several months non-stop use.

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