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Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Summer

Temperature at your home is a crucial part of what we refer to as home comfort. This is because any home’s sacred duty is to keep winter cold, snow, summer heat, rain, and wind outside and to provide healthy and comfortable temperature and humidity levels.

Nowadays, we need to use a whole bundle of sophisticated utility systems to make our homes livable during different seasons. If you are preparing for a summer season, you should take steps to maintain optimal temperature and humidity. To do that, you should get all your systems to work properly beforehand. 

Check your HVAC

Take steps to prepare system for several months of work. Remove dust and debris from your unit’s exhausts, vents and fans. Replace air filters. Now you can test-run it. If you have to leave home for a few hours, it is the right time to do a simple check by letting it run for as long as you are away. If you realize the system is not cooling your home properly, consult a technician.

Use ceiling fans

Boost air circulation in your home with the help of ceiling fans. It will not take much effort or money. It should be noted that spin direction is important. Set them up to rotate counter-clockwise to distribute cool air around your place. If not, they will get warm air, which accumulates near the ceiling, going around the house. Clockwise direction works better in winter months.


Ventilate your attic

If you have your own rural house, please, make sure that your attic is cooled well. The roof takes the whole brunt of summer sunlight. Therefore, air in the attic may heat up and block air circulation in the house. An attic fan can be a solution, as it will pump air through your home and maintain steady cooling.

Fix leaks!

Every gallon of cool air escaping through holes near doors and windows is a good sum of money leaking from your budget. If you have not checked your home for many years, chances are the material could have shrunk and cracked. Do an ggeneral check and caulk all holes and gaps. 

Keep unwanted guests outside!

This point is a kind of sequel to the previous one: once you have checked your homes for leaks and caulked all holes and cracks, you have blocked access for insects and bugs. To prevent further invasions, you can create a barrier along the outside perimeter of your house by using a pesticide. When doing so, make sure you are doing in in way that will keep your pets, children, and guests safe.

Shade your windows

If your windows face south-east, south, or south-west, you will have a lot of sunlight in your house, and it will warm up air inside. Keep your curtains and/or blinds closed on sunny days.

Stay protected

Summer is not just heat and sunlight. It also brings heavy rain, lightning storms, hail, strong gale, flood, etc. Please, check the foundation for cracks and leaks. Do your uttermost to keep water away from the basement. Make sure all holes and gaps near doors and windows are sealed properly. Have your lightning protection systems installed properly.

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