Air Conditioning Installation


Alpine Air Heating and Cooling provides quality air conditioning installation services to the customers in Milton, Georgetown, Brampton, Oakville, Acton, Burlington, Mississauga and surrounding communities.

Alpine Air Heating and Cooling performs complete and meticulous air conditioning installation to make sure your new AC system works effectively and efficiently. Our highly skilled professionals will install your air conditioning unit to the peculiar specifications for the equipment, as well as the application. Quality installation can make a true impact in the efficiency of your new unit.

As there are loads of various types of air conditioning systems in the market, our experienced technicians will give helpful information and recommendations on how to select the right air conditioner for your space and your budget. They will examine your home's entire HVAC system, find out your family's needs, and help you choose the most suitable air conditioner unit.

We advise you to install an energy-efficient air conditioning unit so that you could both keep your home cool and save money on your monthly utility bills. Especially in summer, when energy bills can be daunting in the summer months. Heat waves can make many things like working or sleeping highly uncomfortable. So all you can do is turn up your air conditioner and make it work harder and harder. Thus the more money you have to spend on the energy your air conditioning system uses. Things get much easier and more affordable with the installation of an energy-efficient air conditioning unit.

Alpine Air Heating and Cooling also offers air conditioner maintenance services. Appropriate care for your new air conditioner will provide protection and efficient work of the unit throughout its lifetime.

To schedule a new air conditioning installation, Contact Us today online or by phone at 905 877-2877 or 416 898-2665 – we are always here to help you.