Keep cool with an energy efficient, quiet air conditioner!

Looking for a way to cool off during those hot summer months?

Alpine Air can help you cool your home with an energy efficient, quiet air conditioner.  Getting comfort shouldn't be noisy.

Amana Air Conditioners - Milton and Georgetown certified Amana dealer:

Amana Air Conditioners - Milton, Georgetown, Oakville

Amana Air Conditioners provide premium comfort in your home with minimum worry!  They are known for quality, efficiency, environmental respect and low operating sound. 

A vital component of an air conditioner, the compressor, has a lot to do with how efficient, how noisy and how reliable a unit is. Amana brand Air Conditioners use a high-efficiency Copeland Scroll Compressor.  This has a very simple design with 70% fewer moving parts than reciprocation compressors, resulting in continuous compression and greater efficiency.

Amana air conditioners come with a 10 year parts limited warranty and a lifetime replacement limited warranty.  Air Conditioner Warranty

Alpine Air services all brands of air conditioners and in addition to Amana products, we also carries Goodman, KeepRight & Payne units.

The installation of your new air conditioner may qualify for a an Air Conditioner Rebate.

Armstrong Air Conditioners - Milton and Georgetown certified Armstrong dealer:

Armstrong Air Conditioners - Milton, Georgetown, Oakville

As a certified Armstrong AC dealer we are able to provide the best in the industry. 

When paired with the Comfort Sync thermostat, the Armstrong AC system will continuously monitor internal components for optimum performance. Comfort Sync puts the home owner in total control of the home environment with remote temperature adjustment from anywhere in the world, even the couch, via smartphone app. When Comfort Sync detects that repairs and regular maintenance are needed, it alerts you or your dealer instantly, so your perfect environment never ends.

Armstrong Air’s proprietary heat transfer system. The coil features rifled tubing to enhance refrigerant flow, while lanced coil fins increase surface contact between metal and air. They combine for maximum heat transfer and efficiency.