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Air Conditioning Tips to Get Ready For Summer

Those hot summer days are on their way. You are sure to have a lot of things on your getting-ready-for-hot-weather checklist. This is not about buying the best new swimsuit or renting a beach house. The question is whether or not your air conditioning system is properly set up for several months non-stop use.

Did you know that heating and cooling can take up over 50% of your monthly utility bill? If you live in a mild climate, you’re a bit luckier because your utility bills are lower. However, summer is coming and you need to make your home comfortable enough to stay cool during the dog days of summer without spending a fortune on your air conditioner. You might want to invite a service guy to do all the work but many things are DIY so you can check them out for yourself. Here’s what should be done:

• Before you begin performing anything mentioned below, unplug the system.

• The first thing you should do is to clean or to replace the filters. There are two types of air filters: reusable, which need to be washed, and disposable ones, which need to be replaced with a new one. All the other components can work properly, but if you don’t change the filter the flow of fresh cool air will be blocked. It is recommended you change the filter on a regular basis throughout summer. 

• Then clean the air conditioner coils. Being free from dirt and dust coils make it much easier for your a/c to remove heat from the air and they help to use less energy. Consider using a good air conditioner cleaner and a soft brush in order to avoid any damage. And, of course, make sure the system is switched off. 

• Clear the condensation lines. It is also important to keep the pipe that carries condensation away from your air conditioner clog free. Make sure there’s no dirt or blockage in the pipe. 

• Check the fan. Turn the fan on to make sure it’s up and running. It also needs to be cleaned and and /or replaced, if necessary.

• And finally it’s advisable to test it out! Turn the unit on to make sure the system is running properly. If you see that something is wrong, make an appointment with air conditioning professional.

We would also recommend you schedule regular maintenance appointments with our professionals to keep your air conditioning system working at the highest efficiency. Our job is to make your summer as comfortable as possible and to make sure your air conditioning unit will serve you for as long as possible. 

Alpine Air Heating and Cooling is a full-service HVAC company serving residential and commercial customers in Milton, Georgetown, Brampton, Oakville and Burlington and surrounding areas.

If you’ve followed our tips, then you can relax and be sure that you’ve done everything to assure your unit is running efficiently at the low cost.  If you have any questions or need any expert assistance, feel free to contact us at 905-877-2877 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We are always here to help you stay cool and enjoy your hot summer day!

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