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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced

Everything has a lifespan, even if it is a brand name air conditioner that has been serving you faithfully for years. The day will come when you have to make a choice whether to repair your air conditioner again or replace it. Sometimes it might be a very difficult decision especially if the air conditioner is relatively new or if cost is a factor. There is however a number of signs that will help you out and determine the moment to get a new one. 

Below are several signs that indicate it is time to replace your air conditioning system:

The air conditioner needs repairing more often than ever. Your attempts to salvage it are becoming more and more expensive and add up repairs bills. Moreover, frequent breakdowns can be caused by major problems. All your attempts to extend the life of the air conditioner gives you nothing but a lot of trouble before a forthcoming overall outage of the system.

The air conditioning system is less efficient than before. It takes more time to cool the room. The air conditioner seems to be working all the time and making strange and cranky noise. And besides it sucks much more electricity than ever. The problem can be caused by various reasons starting from a worn fan belt up to equipment failure. So repairing might cost you a fortune.

Working air conditioner causes humidity increase. Sometimes it happens so that the humidity in the room with the air conditioner working goes up to 90 % and makes you feel really uncomfortable. Especially when the outside temperature rises to ridiculous numbers during hot summer days. There can be a lot of reasons for that. But one of the most obvious ones is that your air conditioning system is not powerful enough to cool your room properly and the only way out left is to replace it by a new one.

The air conditioner fills your room with dust. One day your air conditioning system starts bringing dust right into your home instead of filtering it out. So it’s time to check ductwork for leak tightness or that might be the sign of your air conditioner breathing its last.

Aging. Even if your air conditioner works without breakdowns and needs only current maintenance the working lifespan of its units is generally limited to 10-15 years. Besides your old version of an air conditioning system yields to the one your friends got a couple of weeks ago in the nearby mall. New technologies made it multifunctional (Virus Doctor, Good Sleep, smartphone control etc.), noiseless and less power-consuming.

We hope that after reading this article about warning signs while using your air conditioning system you will always keep in mind that sometimes investing in a new air conditioner can save more money than repairing the old one and bring real satisfaction from cool and clear air.

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