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Central Air Conditioner vs. Window Air Conditioner

Air conditioners work based on the phase conversion principle, when a substance changes its state from liquid to gas and/or vice versa. An AC’s main components are: a coil evaporator, a fluid compressor, and a condenser. These components are connected with refrigerator tubes with a refrigerant circulating them.

The cooling effect occurs when the refrigerant changes its state from liquid to mist. The refrigerant moves to the compressor, which increases the density and temperature of the incoming refrigerant vapor and forces it toward the condenser. There the vapor turns from gas to liquid and travels to an expansion valve, which turns it into a fog-like substance. This process causes the substance to cool down. Now that the refrigerant’s temperature has dropped, it is forced into the evaporator coil. A fan located behind it forces air through the coil and into the building. 

What is a central air conditioner?

A central air conditioner is a centralized system intended for regulating temperature and humidity levels in an entire building. It consists of a cooling unit (featuring the components mentioned in the previous paragraph) and a condenser. The latter is usually fixed outside. These two are connected by refrigerant lines. This kind of air conditioner requires an extensive ductwork to provide stable and efficient air circulation throughout the house.

Well, what’s good about central ACs? 

First, they are powerful enough to evenly and effectively cool down an entire house. 

Second, they provide decent air circulation and leave zero chance for ‘hot spots’.

Central ACs require professional installation. However, once installed, they remain functional for a long time and require but simple technical maintenance. That’s three.

Finally, effective circulation frees air from allergens and other toxic substances. This makes them a greater option for people dealing with asthma and other respiratory/pulmonary disorders.

What are the cons, if any?

The biggest one is the price ranging between $5,000 and $7,000, plus installation price, which could have bought you a window AC.

Second, they are used in multi-story buildings and spacious privately owned residences. Buildings erected prior to the advent of air conditioning do not have the right infrastructure to handle a central AC.

Third, central air conditioners take up a lot of space.

What is a window air conditioner?

A window AC works on the same principle as a central AC. The only things that make it different are size, capacity, installation/maintenance process and price. This kind of AC is much smaller in size, less powerful, and easier to install. It is not intended for cooling a whole building and has enough capacity to manage a separate room.

What’s good about it?

First, they are compact in size and you can install one without using professional help.

Second, they are much cheaper and therefore generally affordable.

Third, to power a room AC, you can just plug it in a standard socket.

What’s bad about it?

Window ACs may not cool air evenly. In other words, there may be freezing cold a few yards around it and still hot in a remote corner of your room.

Room ACs are weaker in terms of filtration, which is not anywhere near that provided by central ACs. Therefore, a window air conditioner is less of a salvation for an asthma patient.

Which one to choose?

Get the most cost- and energy-efficient thing you can afford. Consider your home/room size, budget, and climate. How hot are summers in your region? How often do you need to run an AC per year?

Alpine Air Heating & Cooling offers air conditioning units that provide utmost home climate control durability, safety and overall performance. We carry air conditioning units that are perfect for your home to keep it cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. All our air conditioners feature state-of-the-art technology providing excellent efficiency, quiet operation and consistent comfort. You can call us anytime at 905 877-2877 or 416 898-2665 to learn more about Alpine Air Heating & Cooling and the services we provide in Milton, Acton, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Georgetown and Brampton.

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