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Get Your HVAC System Ready For The Winter

Your HVAC system should work effectively in winter and be prepared for temperature fluctuations that occur with arrival of winter months. Switching different operations can be stressful for the system and entail expensive repairs. However, you can prevent the problem by appropriate preventive maintenance. It reduces risks of major repairs requiring costly expenses. Also, it contributes to energy efficiency that helps you economize as well as right energy maintenance keeps energy bills at bay. 

What can you do for proper energy maintenance

Weather stripping is one of the ways to winterize your home. It helps to save 10-15% of the amount spent on energy. Though this method is cheap, it is rather effective.

• Heat can leak through the holes in the doors or windows. Find and seal them. When leakage is bad in the windows, it can be easier to replace them. Though this method is expensive, it can bring other advantages: better appearance of your home, comfort and coziness.

• You will need caulking to protect your house from waste energy that can be caused by pipes and wires going through the ceilings, walls or floors. Cold air can penetrate through electric wall plugs, switches, damper on the fireplace. You can get precut foam gaskets to be installed with a switch plate to prevent energy leaks.

• Hire a pro for professional maintenance.

Why you need a certified technician to test the HVAC system

In general, working lifespan of HVAC system is about 20 years. Anyway, it is important to examine the system occasionally to make sure that it works correctly. 

Invite a professional for comprehensive HVAC maintenance. Though you have to pay for professional help, it will ultimately help you economize. Also, it is highly recommended to invite a certified technician to prepare the HVAC system for winter. Your place is going to be warmer and safer after it.

Making the thermostat test is necessary to ensure that it functions properly. Set it to the preferred temperature and watch if the HVAC reaches it. If it does, how long does it take to reach it? In case it takes too much time, it can cause extra electricity usage. Therefore it is recommended to replace the thermostat with a newer model. The programmable thermostat would be a great alternative as you can preset the preferable parameters on different parts of the day. It will automatically turn the heat down when you are not in. The HVAC will not work intensively at that time. It helps to cut heating expenses considerably (sometimes to 75%). 

Cleaning the air vents is necessary for proper air circulation. Nothing should prevent fresh air supply. Figure out what is in the way of it and fix the problem.

You will, probably, have to change the filter, which is clogged with dust that makes a strain of the HVAC system. If you do not pay attention to all these issues now, you have high chances to face costly repairs in the future.

Alpine Air Heating & Cooling offers a Maintenance Plan to keep your heating & cooling system running at high performance. Call us today at 905 877-2877 / 416 898-2665 or fill out our Contact Form to schedule your HVAC check appointment with our specialists.

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